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Premium Hotel Stockholm: Where Quality Meets Comfort

Stockholm is a city of beautiful architecture, breath-taking views and a culture that shows the true essence of its people. Being the capital of Sweden, Stockholm is an ideal place to vacation not only for tourists but also localites who would want to invest in a pleasant staycation. Moreover, the premium hotels in Stockholm definitely give you a feeling of home-away but still at home due to its well connected structure, comfort and luxury.

 What makes these hotels even more attractive is the fact that while they provide multiple amenities and are the definition of quality, benefits like Best Western Rewards, still make your stay affordable. Using these offers and rewards you can book a premium hotel in Stockholm at much lower costs and still be able to make use of all the facilities offered. Another advantage of booking premium hotels in Stockholm, Sweden is that they all are centrally located which makes commuting easy and you get to live in the heart of the city to experience its everyday life. 

Popular Premium Hotels in Stockholm Sweden

We, Best Western, bring to you a list of the best premium hotels in Stockholm that would definitely make your stay an amazing one.

NOFO Hotel, BW Premier Collection

For starters NOFO Hotel, a premium part of the Best Western group, is mainly known for its unique interiors. The interiors of this hotel are quirky yet charming in their appearance. The hotel is a vintage structure that is located in the middle of the city. This hotel allows you to choose a room of your preference since there are a range of options offered. Besides this, the hotel has its own Wine Bar that allows you to indulge in some delicious wine drinking sessions. To say, NOFO Hotel has a place among one of the most preferred premium hotels offered by Best Western.

Hotel Hasselbacken, BW Premier Collection

Hotel Hasselbacken is an ideal option to choose when you are planning a family vacation. This property is situated just 10 mins away from the city that allows you to be in contact with people but have a space of your own. Families favour this hotel as it is situated close to many attractions of the city like museums, zoos and the very famous amusement park Gröna Lund. But if you are someone who is looking for a quiet, alone time all by yourself then Hotel Hasselbacken also offers the best sea view to unwind at the end of the day. All in all this hotel has stored in something for everyone, which is why it is considered among one of the most popular premium hotels of Stockholm.

The Winery Hotel, BW Premier Collection

This hotel has an amazing history to back up its existence. As the name suggests, The Winery Hotel was started by two families named Söder and Ruhne who are hotel family and wine family respectively. Combining these two completely divergent concepts gave rise to this unique hotel. While you can enjoy some of the hotel’s own wine made at their wine house, you can also be rest assured that your stay is going to be a pleasant one. The reason being, the hotel has cozy rooms supported by some inspirational interiors and equally useful amenities. The Winery Hotel is a perfect combination of fun and subtlety that you require on a vacation.  

Get The Best of the Stockholm Experience

As we know Stockholm has a strong cultural base but along with that, you can also partake in a wide range of fun activities! We, at Best Western, offer a range of hotels that allow you to experience every part of the city in a deep manner. Our Scandinavian hotels not only offer the best services but also enable you to experience the food, history as well as the culture in an equally fun manner. Just like the 5 Star hotels in Stockholm, Sweden, Best Western’s list of premium hotels  also guarantee to make your vacation the most cherishable experience of all times.